Police Full Form – What is of Full Form of Police?

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Police Full Form

In today’s time, almost everyone must have heard about the police, probably there will be someone who has not heard the name of the police till date.

Police Full Form

Very few of these people would be such who would know about the full form of Police. Some people think that there is no full form of police, it is a complete word in itself, but there is nothing like this, police also has a full form which has its own meaning.

The full form of Police is “Protection of Life in Civil Establishment” which in Hindi means “Protection of Life in Civil Establishment“.

Police Full Form in Hindi

Police is known as security of life in civil establishment in Hindi language, this is the Hindi meaning of the full form of the word Police. It is also called constable or constable in short who protects us.

Who is called the police?

Police is a security force that is made for the protection of the internal citizens of any country, in the same way as the army is used to protect the external unethical activities of any country, in the same way the internal citizens of a country The police are used to protect.

Police is not for any one, police is for every citizen of the country. The police of our country treats all the citizens equally, it does not remain from any one side. If needed, any citizen of the country can contact them, the police are always ready to protect the citizens of the country.

If any person is troubled by any criminal case, he can go to the nearest police station of his area and file a report, after which the police redress that case. In today’s time, even after dialing 100, the police come to our house.

Police work?

The police perform a variety of functions, some of which are as follows-

1. The biggest job of the police is to prevent crimes.

2. Traffic control is also the work of the police, under which the police get the traffic rules followed, which reduces the chances of an accident.

3. The security of VIPs is also done by the police, this is also a job of the police.

4. It is also the job of the police to arrest and punish those who commit crimes.

5. During the election, the security of its outposts and apart from this, the work of the police is also done in the security of big railway stations and airports.

Apart from all these, there are many other types of work which are done by the police.

Eligibility to join Police

If you want to join the police, then you must have some qualification, only then you will be able to join the police, the qualifications sought to join the police are as follows-

Education Qualification :-

To become a police constable, it is very important for you to pass at least 10+2 i.e. 12th examination, only then you will be eligible to become a police constable.

Age Male :-

Male age should be between 18 years to 22 years.

Age Female :-

The age of the woman should be between 18 years to 25 years.

Hight Male :-

Male candidates belonging to General / Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes should have a minimum height of 168 cms and if you belong to Scheduled Tribes, then your height should be at least 160 cms.

Hight Female :-

Female candidates of ST category should have a minimum height of 147 cms and if you fall in any other category other than this, then you should have a minimum height of 152 cms.

Cheast :-

Candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes should have a minimum chest measurement of 77 cms and 42 cms when expanded and, apart from this, if you belong to any other category then your chest measurement should be 79 cms and 84 cms when called.

Physical Efficiency (Male) :-

Male candidates have to complete the race of 4800 meters in 25 minutes.

Physical Efficiency (Female) :-

Female candidates have to complete a race of 2400 meters in 14 minutes.

Weight (Female) :-

The weight of the female candidate should be at least 40 kgs.

Salary :-

There are many types of posts in the police, you will get salary according to the type of post you will work on, however, the average salary of the police in India is ₹ 39000 per month.

If you work on a minimum post, then your salary can be less and apart from this, if you work on a good police post, then your salary can be even more.

Overall, it can be said that according to your post, you are given salary in the police.

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