Phone Full Form – What is Full Form of Phone?

In today’s date where the phone has made our life easier. Where he has passed his loved ones. So there many people have been separated from each other. When the phone was invented, its purpose was to talk to loved ones sitting away from home. But, today’s growing technology has decided the journey from Wired Phone to Smart Mobile Phone. But at the same time people have been made slaves of this technology. Here this saying proves to be very meaningful, that “Science is a boon, but it is also a curse”.

In today’s time of coronavirus where this technology has given people the facility to work from home. On the other hand, due to the radiation emanating from the towers installed for this technology, many birds have been harmed. So much damage that the children of many birds die in their womb, and some of the breeds have been destroyed. You people must be thinking that after all we have come here to talk about the phone and I am telling all of you its disadvantages. Everything that is made by humans, if it is not used in limited quantity, it can also prove to be cursed.

Phone Full Form

Do you think that only birds are harmed by this? My answer would be no. It affects humans as well, and has a very bad effect. Due to the radiation emanating from the mobile phone, there is an effect on the fetus growing in the stomach of women. Because of which sometimes any part of their body gets damaged, and sometimes they are not that strong mentally.

Phone Full Form

Where, due to Mobile Phone, today school, office, studies have all come at one place, whereas due to games, webseries and Videos movies, it is affecting the eyes and health of children the most. Due to doing one or the other activities in the phone of the children throughout the day, their mental capacity is also not developed properly. We read the advantages and disadvantages of the phone here.

Come, now let’s know about the history of the phone. Do you know the full form of Phone?


History of Phone

Today we will know the journey of phone till the journey of smart mobile phone. The phone was not invented directly, before the invention of the phone, in the year 1840, telegraph was used. In this, using 0 and 1, information was sent. For the first time in 1844, sound transmission was done using telegraph. And at that time it was also patented.

Invented of Phone

In 1870, Alexander Graham Bell started experimenting and in 1876 he invented the telephone.

In session 1876, Elisha Gray invented a telephone using a water microphone. At the time, because Graham Bell and Elisha Gray invented the telephone together, it was believed whether Bell stole Gray’s invention or whether the two invented the telephone independently. The dispute was more narrow as to who should be given the credit for the invention of the telephone.

As time progressed, technology increased and telephones were modified. In the year 1960, digital transmission was used in telephone. The pushbutton dial phone was invented in the year 1970.

As technology got invented, the phones also kept coming with advance technology. In session 1983, the Motorola company introduced its first portable mobile phone ‘Motorola DynaTAC 8000X’. At that time the price of this mobile phone was 4000$. At that time there was only one calling feature in this mobile phone.

When was the phone launched?

In the year 1991, the first GSM based phone was introduced in Europe. Initially, this phone was used by people only for business. But, later consumers also started using it. Along with calling in these phones, the features of SMS and Games were also added.

Before the year 1995, no more colors were used in the display of phones. But, in 1997, the Siemens company put life into the mobile phone display.

In the year 1999, Nokia Company introduced Nokia 7110. WAP was used in this. In the year 2000, Sharp company launched the first Camera based mobile phone. At that time this phone was only available in Japan. In the year 2002, Ericsson company used clip-on camera in mobile phone.

The year 2003 brought a huge change in the field of mobile phones. This change made a lot of changes in the speed of the mobile phone. Mobile’s download speed has become very fast. United Kingdom was the country where 3G service was offered for the first time.

In session 2007, the touch screen replaced the traditional keypad. LG Parda was the first company which brought touchscreen in mobile phone.

When was 4G launched?

In the year 2011, 4G service was launched for the first time in the UK. Now you could download videos at the speed of 12MBPS in the phone. Along with Touchscreen in mobile phones, now the feature of Voice recognition was also added.

In 2015, the feature of Video Calling and Video Streaming was also added to Mobile Phones. Due to the addition of the feature of video streaming, now TV had come on the phone itself.

In 2019, EE started 5G service in 6 cities of United Kingdom and soon this service is going to come in India as well.

Advantages of Phone

1. With the help of phone it has become easy to communicate with people. Now technology has increased so much that sitting at home you can see anyone by video calling.

2. Now you do not need to carry the camera with you, because with the help of the camera present in the phone, now you can take photos anytime and anywhere, and can also make videos.

3. Today technology has advanced the phone so much that now the phone has come on TV itself.

4. By installing many apps, you can do online transaction with the help of mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Phone

1. The radiation coming out of the mobile phone causes damage to the body. Along with this, the environment is also affected. Due to this radiation many species of birds have also become extinct.

2. Due to excessive use of mobile phones, the interaction of people with each other has reduced. They keep watching videos etc. on the phone all the time. As a result, problems like depression are arising.

3. Excessive use of phone affects the eyes of children and elders.

4. Both the time and money of the people are wasted to a great extent by the use of the phone.

5. A problem like cyber bullying has arisen due to the use of mobile phones.

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  • Phone Full Form?
  • (Full Form of Phone) is “Personal Handset of Network Equipment”.
  • Invented of Phone?
  • In 1870, Alexander Graham Bell started experimenting and in 1876 he invented the telephone.
  • When was the phone launched?
  • In the year 1991, the first GSM based phone was introduced in Europe.
  • When was 4G launched?
  • In the year 2011, 4G service was launched for the first time in the UK.

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