Mobile Full Form – What is mobile full form?

Mobile Full Form: What is the full form of mobile? If you are also searching the answer to this question in Google, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will tell you about Mobile full form kya hota hai.

Here, along with the full form of mobile, we will also tell you who invented the mobile phone and in which country it was first developed and also why the mobile phone was named mobile. Right now many thoughts related to mobile will be coming in your mind, but after reading this article you will get answers to all the questions related to mobile.

Today’s era is of mobile phones. Everyone has a phone in today’s time. At present, mobile phone has become an important part of human life. Now many things can be done only through mobile phones. Because of which keeping a phone has also become necessary for people. Such as net banking, online shopping, talking, business related work etc. are dependent on mobile. Let me first tell you about the Mobile Phone Full Form.

Mobile Full Form

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what is mobile?

Mobile phones are also called hand phones, cell phones or cellular telephones. It is a small portable radio telephone. Which works through radio waves. A mobile phone communicates by connecting to a base station (also called a “mobile tower”) near the user, which connects the phone to the main phone network.

Mobile Full Form

It can be used over a wide area without any physical network. Mobile phones allow users to make and receive calls. The early generation of mobile phones could only make and receive calls. But there’s a lot you do with today’s mobile phones. Through web browser, you can search any information from Google or any other search engine.

Can play games. You can take photos and record videos with the camera of your mobile phone. All types of videos can also be watched on mobile phones. Money can also be transacted online. Today’s mobile phone has become very smart. You can do many types of important work with mobile phone.

Not only this, you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month sitting at home by doing YouTube and blogging from mobile phone. The articles that you are reading on this blog of ours are published on the blog or website only with the help of mobile phone or computer. This gives us income. Otherwise who has time on the web.

Now what is Mobile Full Form and Mobile? Information about this has been received. Come on, now let me give you the meaning of mobile and more important information related to it.

Mobile Phone Meaning

The meaning of mobile is from such an electronic wireless device, which is dynamic. That is, it can be taken anywhere convenient. You can easily take it anywhere. That’s why it is called mobile.

who invented mobile?

Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone with his team of Motorola company in 1973 and its weight was two kilograms, which was many times more than today’s phone. When Martin Cooper made the first call from his phone while standing on a New York street, he had no idea that his invention would become such a huge success.

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, says that according to the value of today’s currency, it cost about one million dollars to make the first mobile phone.

Martin Cooper pointed out that even in the early days mobile phones were very expensive. It was not in everyone’s control to buy it. Till 1983, the cost of a mobile phone was up to four thousand dollars, which according to the value of today’s currency is 10 thousand dollars.

Martin Cooper Mobile Phones says, “We never imagined that today mobile phones will become so useful that many other applications like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will also run on it.

Martin Cooper explains that the biggest challenge before the engineers of his team was that they had to make a mobile phone by connecting thousands of tiny components. The battery of the first mobile phone made was about four or five times more heavy than today’s mobile phone.

The creator of the mobile phone, Martin Cooper, is surprised to see the immense success of the mobile phone, that at that time he had no idea that in the next 35 years, more than half of the world’s population would have a mobile phone in their hands and people at a negligible cost. Will be able to buy this mobile phone.

Android Mobile Phone or Smart Phone

1. The mobile phone industry has undergone a revolutionary change with the advent of new generation phones like Smartphones or Android phones.

2. Earlier, only conversations ie voice calls could be made from mobile handsets. But with today’s smartphone you can make video calls, not only that you can also make group calls.

3. You can use different types of social media platforms on mobile phones. You can enjoy audio and video. Can make videos and photos. Can also do work related to different types of business.

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