Internet Full Form – What is the full form of Internet?

Today we will talk about what is Internet, what is the full form of Internet, what is Internet called in Hindi, we will give you complete information about it.

Internet Full Form

The full form of Internet is Interconnected Network. This is called Service Selection Board (सेवा चयन बोर्ड) in Hindi.

Internet Full Form

What is Internet?

1. A network that uses the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to connect devices around the world is called an interconnected network. This is what we call the Internet in common parlance.

2. An interconnected network can also be defined in simple words as, “A network of networks spread across the globe that connects computers around the world using the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) is called an interconnected network.

3. It is a network of networks linked by a wide range of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The scope of the Internet includes all local, global, private, public, educational, business and government networks.

4. The interconnected network, which we colloquially call the Internet, is used worldwide as an information resource. It is used to share inter-linked hypertext documents and data files from one computer to another over the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony and many more.

5. www is used to share information from one computer to another. WWW is called the World Wide Web. Internet is used to connect computers to WWW.

invention of the internet

1. Before the invention of the Internet, very large computers were used only for calculations. At that time, in 1960, an agency named ARPA was formed in America. ARPA stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency.

2. Its main task was to expand America’s science and technology as much as possible. This ARPA agency initially created a network by which a few computers could be linked. This network was named ARPANet. The foundation of the modern Internet network was laid through this ARPANet.

3. In 1972, the name of this agency was changed to DARPA i.e. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency but then in 1993 it was renamed to ARPA.

4. Gradually many people, organizations started using this network and this network developed and became a medium of communication. Thus ARPANet became the first network in the world in which TCP/IP protocol i.e. Internet rule was implemented.

5. Internet has been developed from ARPANet only. But it took a long time to build a complete Internet network.

Use fulness of Internet

1. You can send and receive email messages using the Internet.

2. You can play online games with other people using the Internet.

3. You can transfer any file instantly using the internet.

4. You can transfer money from one account to another using the internet.

5. You can share pictures and videos with your friends and family using the Internet.

6. Skype can be used to make free phone calls to other computer users who have Internet access.

7. Internet is being used for research.

8. Internet is being used the most as a medium of communication.

9. Internet also has a role in the field of education. Getting education through the internet has become very easy.

10. Internet is also being used day by day for financial transactions.

How does the internet work?

The Internet is a global structure of interconnected computer networks that exchange data through packet switching using the Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol. The Internet is also called the network of networks because it connects millions of people to large organizations and many countries.

The Internet is a computer-based international system of information called the information superhighway. Internet facility is spread all over the world by some companies and its various plans and services are provided. Some of these internet providers provide the fastest internet, while some offer slow internet, cheap internet providers.

If we talk about India, the internet was started here on August 15, 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Limited. When VSNL connected the computers of the world to the computers of India, the Government of India allowed private companies to come on the Internet. In the same year India’s first website was launched which was named

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