ASI Police Full Form – What is ASI Police Full Form?

In this post, you will get complete information about ASI Police, what is ASI Police, what is ASI Police full form (ASI meaning in Hindi), what are the functions and qualifications of ASI Police, how to become ASI Police, etc., complete and correct. Read the post carefully till the end to get the information.

Are you looking for a job in the Police Department and looking for a prestigious position? If so then ASI Police is a very good career option for you.

ASI is a prestigious post in the police department that many youth today dream of achieving. Today we are going to give you the complete information of this post through this post, so if you want to know what is the full form of ASI Police? What is ASI Police Full Form in Hindi and English? What is ASI (ASI Police)? And what needs to be done to become an ASI Police? Then you have come to the right place.

To run the law and order smoothly in the society, different posts are recruited, out of which ASI Police is also a government post, so you need to know what ASI Police is.

So let’s first start with ASI KE Full Form where you will get complete information about ASI KE Full Form in English and Hindi.

ASI Police Full Form

As you know, ASI is a prestigious post of Police Department, so it is important to know what is its full form.

ASI Police Full Form

The full form of ASI is Assistant Sub Inspector.

This question might also be coming in your mind that what is ASI Police full form in Hindi, then we tell you that the Hindi full form of ASI Police is सहायक उप निरीक्षक.

Do you want to become ASI Police? So for this you first need to know what is ASI Police, only after that you will be able to know about its selection process, so let’s know what is ASI Police.

What is ASI Police?

The full name of ASI is Assistant Sub Inspector which is called as Assistant Sub Inspector. These are police officers whose rank is above that of a police head constable and below that of a sub-inspector, such that an assistant sub-inspector is appointed in the Indian police force.

Assistant Sub Inspectors handle many important tasks while working in their post and they are also called non-gazetted police officers. Assistant Sub Inspectors perform important functions as Investigating Officers, their uniform bears a star and a shoulder stripe with a red and blue ribbon on the outer edge, with the help of these symbols they can be identified. She goes.

However, to get this post, the candidate has to go through many examinations because as we told you, they are mainly made investigation officers, that is, the ASI is in charge of any investigation center.

ASI officers mainly take up the responsibility of security, especially in industrial security, they have a major role because there is a lot of people coming and going in the public area, hence the need for security is more in these places.

It is the ASI officer who investigates any murder case and tries to solve the case as soon as possible. Apart from this, many important works are done by the ASI officer, whose information you are going to get further.

The ASI officer has to act according to the orders coming from above. If you want to become an ASI officer, then some qualifications have also been prescribed for this.

Let us know on the basis of which qualification the candidate for the post of ASI is appointed by the government.

Eligibility for ASI Police?

To get any government post, it is necessary that you have eligibility for that post, that is, you are eligible for it, if you have the ability to get that post, then you are easily appointed for that post.

But do you know what are the qualifications you should have to become an ASI Police? If not, then let us tell.

The thing to know here is that to become ASI Police, you have to undergo examinations which are completed in 5 stages, whose information we will tell you in detail in the coming section.

1. To become ASI Police, first of all you have to complete graduation from a recognized university after which you have to apply for ASI Police.

2. The age limit under this examination has been fixed from 20 years to 25 years where some relaxation is provided for SC and ST.

3. To become ASI Police, you have to pass the written test, after which you have to go through the physical exam and also have to verify some important documents.

4. For this you should have the necessary documents available.

5. When you clear all the stages of this exam then you are made ASI officer.

6. For the post of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI Police), the height of the male candidate is 172 cm, where as the height for SC, ST candidates is fixed at 169 cm.

7. For the post of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), the height of the female candidate must be 160 cm.

Let us now tell you what has to be done to become an ASI Police, where you will know which five stages you have to clear.

How to become ASI Police?

To become ASI Police, you must have the eligibility prescribed for this exam, apart from this you have to clear 5 stages of this exam, so let’s know how the selection process is done here.

Written exam:

To become ASI Police, the first stage is the written test where 100 questions are asked from the candidate. Here the candidate gets the advantage that there is no minus marking in this exam. The duration of the written test is 120 minutes and if the candidate clears this stage then he/she is called for the next stage.

Physical examination:

The second stage in the exam to become ASI Police is the physical test where both men and women can participate, although there is a slight difference in the qualifications prescribed for both.

Where male candidates have to run for 5 kms in 25 minutes, for female candidates it is prescribed to run for 2.5 kms. The participants who clear this stage are called for the third stage.

Document Verification:

In the third stage of becoming an ASI Police, the documents are verified. Candidates who clear the second stage are asked for documents, if all the documents are available with them and their verification is done then the candidate is called for the next stage.

Medical Examination:

After the document verification, the candidate is called for the medical test. This is the fourth stage of the exam where health related tests are conducted. If the candidate qualifies in this exam then he/she is called for the final stage of this exam.


To become ASI you have to go through the fifth stage i.e. Interview, this is the last stage of the selection process where the candidate is appointed through the interview. Once you clear this stage, you are appointed for the post of ASI.

Functions of ASI Police?

Now it comes to the tasks of an officer working in the post of ASI, then if you become an ASI officer, then you will have to do the following essential tasks: –

1. ASI Police is made in-charge of the investigation centers, that means ASI has to do all the work related to investigation.

2. They are appointed in the Border Security Forces where they work as in-charge of the team.

3. They have an important role in training centers where ASI officers work as chief drill officers.

4. ASI also does the work that comes under the administrative department of Armed Police.

5. The responsibility of security is given to the SI officer in public areas like in the airport where a lot of people come and go where there is a lot of need for security, so the ASI officer is given the responsibility of security in the airport.

6. Apart from this, ASI officers are also appointed in Industrial Security.

7. The investigation of any incident is done by the ASI officer where the search operation is done by the officer. Apart from this, ASI officers also investigate in cases like murder.

So if you want to become an ASI officer then you have to do such important work.

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